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The WRAP Restraint System




The WRAP Restraint System Expert witnesses, lawyers, law enforcement trainers, police, jail, prison, juvenile facility administrators, managers, officers, and others who research, purchase, teach, or use restraint devices will find The WRAP report invaluable, insightful, instructive, and easily understood. This pioneering, retrospective study (N = 128) provides clear and easy-to-understand findings about how The WRAP Restraint System was used in field settings by police officers, including its efficacy. Findings answered several questions, including: was The WRAP safe to the people on whom it was applied; when and how was The WRAP used; who was restrained in The WRAP; and, what other force options were used by officers to restrain individuals who were placed into The WRAP? The issue of positional asphyxia is discussed from a scientifically-based perspective, including how using The WRAP may avoid this controversy. Based upon the studys findings, best practices recommendations for administrators, managers, and trainers are identified and discussed.

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