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     At the end of each IPICD program, attendees are provided a "Program Evaluation Instrument." The purpose of the evaluation instrument is to gather anonymous feedback about the program. Here are comments by officers, trainers, and investigators who graduated from the following IPICD programs.

Excited Delirium and Agitated Chaotic Events Instructor: Recognizing, Responding, Preventing, and Investigating Arrest- Related and Sudden, In-Custody Deaths

  • "I would recommend to my colleagues. this is the authority on Excited Delirium." (MD officer)
  • Course extremely valuable. I would recommend this class to every officer-instructor. Very knowledgeable. (OR officer)
  • "Helped a lot with looking for and identifing indicators." (UT officer)
  • "[I] think every police officer should have this course." (OH officer)
  • "Answered and cleaned up previous information I received from/by other instructors." (OH officer)
  • "This class has broadened my understanding of Excited Delirium." (IL program graduate)
  • "Instructor answered all my questions and gave out a lot of information." (GA officer)
  • "I would recommend this program to any and all agencies." (ID officer)
  • "I got more out of this class than I ever had . . . this class brought a lot of liability and training issues to light." (UT officer)
  • "I would make this course a requirement for one officer in every department." (MO officer)

Use-of-Force by the Numbers: 4, 8, 14 Instructor

  • "Excellent program." (Virgin Islands officer)
  • "These skills are things that I will use on a daily basis in the course of my duties." (NV officer)
  • "Exceeded my expectations. Thank you. It's been great to have some faces to names that I hear all the time. Looking forward to future contacts." (CA officer)
  • "The strengths of this program were the knowledge of the instructors, class involvement, and instructor enthusiasm. Thank you. this was a very useful class that will benefit me and my department greatly." (NM officer)
  • "I think this course is excellent as provided. Why change or improve when all instructors did an excellent job." (WY officer)
  • "As a supervisor of the training of new officers, very relevant." (CA officer)
  • "The program answered all the questions I had . . . The information provided broke down Amendment-based force training in an easy, straight-forward way. As usual, your company has provided another course in an excellent manner with exceptional instructors." (HI investigator)

ECD Forensic Analyst

  • "Instructors really knew what they were talking about." (NY officer)
  • "I would recommend for TASER instructors and investigators." (VA officer)
  • "I am a better instructor and investigator because of this course. (CT officer)
  • "I now know how to correctly gather ECD evidence." (CT officer)
  • "Definitely increased my skills and will assist in bettering agency policy and training." (NY officer)
  • "This training does enhance one's professional skill to a great degree--great course layout, and content." (NV officer)
  • "Learned a lot about record keeping and downloads." (NY officer)