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Speakers' Bureau

     If you need an energetic and knowledgeable speaker about sudden and in-custody deaths, media insights into the reporting and handling of these events, or a related topic such as suicide by cop, jail suicides, etc., contact the IPICD for a staff member to speak at your next event. The only costs to your organization are the associated expenses of travel, lodging, meals, etc. There is no speaker honorarium.

Litigation Consultation

     Municipal attorneys, trial lawyers, and other legal professionals often need a qualified individual who has the breadth and depth of a subject, such as sudden and in-custody deaths, to assist in a case. The Institute has one or more staff members who have extensive experience as litigation consultants in not only sudden and in-custody death issues, but also collateral issues such as policy, procedures, training, and the use of defensive tools, including the reasonable use of mechanical restraints and electronic control devices. Experienced lawyers know they often need specialized consultation immediately after an incident occurs or at the beginning of a case to help identify and clarify issues. The Institute has one of the most extensive literature repositories focusing on sudden death, in-custody death, cocaine-induced delirium, agitated delirium, "excited" delirium, jail suicides, suicide by cop, handling emotionally disturbed persons, restraints and restraint (including handcuff) issues, etc. Should you need litigation consultation, please contact Dr. Peters for more information. All inquiries are handled in strict confidence.

Expert Witness Service

     There are times when litigation consultation is not enough. Often a case demands the breadth, depth, and experience of a highly-qualified expert. When expert assistance is needed for cases involving issues such as sudden death, in-custody death, restraint asphyxia, positional asphyxia, postural asphyxia, compressional asphyxia, suicide by cop, jail suicide, handling emotionally disturbed people, use of force, policy and procedure, training, municipal liability, and so on, look no further than the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc.(IPICD). The IPICD uses a flat fee or an hourly rate approach depending upon your needs and circumstances. The flat fee approach encourages the forwarding of virtually unlimited documents and having unlimited discussions about the case without the worry of increasing costs. There is never a fee for initial discussions and review of a case, so there is no reason to delay contacting the IPICD about its Expert Witness Service.

For Expert Witness Service & Litigation Consultation. Please email 
Dr. John Peters, Ph.D. or call 702.518.7014. All inquiries are held in strict confidence.

Operational Guidance

     The analyzing, writing, and review of, or the consultation about, policy and procedures that focus upon sudden and in-custody death issues, prisoner transportation issues, pepper spray issues, restraint issues, etc. is not only difficult and time consuming, but also is often treated as a project rather than an ongoing process. If you or your agency is a current member of the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc., you are entitled to receive topic-specific sample policies at no cost. If you are not an IPICD member and want more information about this time- and cost- saving membership benefit, please contact the IPICD.

Risk Management Consultation

     Many times governmental agencies, correctional facilities, and security companies need to know if their existing policies, procedures, training, etc. are adequate. For an exhaustive and systemic audit and review of these policies, procedures, training, etc. contact the IPICD. Its staff members have the knowledge and experience to conduct such audits and reviews. For more information, please contact the IPICD.