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     The Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. (IPICD) is known for its affordable, high-quality, scientifically-based, and comprehensive training programs prompting many budget-conscious administrators to ask how to HOST an IPICD program. The criteria for hosting an IPICD program are:

Criteria for Hosting an IPICD Program

  1. The host agency agrees to provide a classroom or auditorium large enough to hold 12 or more people at no cost to the IPICD. The facility must have desks or tables, with seats, so each participant may safely and comfortably take notes in their IPICD program workbook.

  2. The host agency agrees to provide a digital video projector (DVP) with audio capability or its equivalent, that will project PowerPoint® slides, photographs, digital video, and sound.

  3. The host agency agrees to assist the IPICD in the promotion of the program(s).

  4. The host agency agrees to provide at least 3 dates to the IPICD staff so that a mutual program date(s) can be selected. The selected date(s) must be at least 90 days / 3 months forward to permit reasonable promotion of the program(s) (180 days / 6 months suggested). This does not apply to contract programs.

  5. The host agency will receive a maximum number of five (5) tuition-free seats depending upon the number of paid attendees. (see below for more information)

  6. There is a minimum of 10 paid registrations for the IPICD to send a trainer to the training location. If 10 paid registrations are not met before the registration deadline, the IPICD will contact the host to reschedule. The IPICD will also contact the registered attendee's to inform of the reschedule.

  7. If you are interested in POST certification please be advised the host agency is responsible to obtain this for their program. We help by providing information POST requires for you to obtain this. Plese let us know what is needed as each state is different.
10-15 paid seats = 2 total free seats
16-20 paid seats = 3 total free seats
21-25 paid seats = 4 total free seats
25+ paid seats = 5 total free seats
The IPICD will collect all tuition and handle registrations.

If your agency is able to meet these criteria, please click the host button below, and fill out the form on the following page. If you need assistance with the form, or have question please contact us: or call (1) 866-944-4723 (toll free).