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12th Annual IPICD Excited Delirium™ & Arrest-Related Death Conference






Nov 13 &148: 8a - 5p
Nov 15: 8a - Noon


The Orleans Hotel
4500 W. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV. 89103



You have seen and heard the news.
Law enforcement officers (LEO) being criminally charged by prosecutors following an emotionally-charged and high-profile arrest-related death. Then, following an emotional, lengthy, and expensive trial, several LEOs are criminally convicted and sent to prison. Many times, critical information was not gathered because investigators were unsure about what to ask, what information and evidence was important to obtain; Medical Examiner opinions failed to follow published science and negatively impacted the case outcome; and not knowing the importance of forensically analyzing body-worn and other camera video can have a devastating impact on confirming or denying officer statements about what happened.

The IPICD’s 12th annual conference will help you prepare for these situations. Learn from subject-matter experts what you need to do now to prepare for these increasingly frequent, emotionally-charged, and career-ending situations. Identify the scientific, legal, medical, and other information you will need to obtain from or to challenge medical examiners, investigators, and others to help you prepare for trial and put on a career-saving defense. Learn what you can do to help insulate yourself from liability before and after such events.

This is not another use-of-force legal update seminar. The IPICD conference focuses on what you need to know before and after force is used. This is the most important conference you can attend for yourself, for your family, for your community, for your career, and for your future. You will learn what you need to know to help save your or another officer’s career, and to keep you or another officer from a possible prison sentence.

Presenters and Schedule

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Time Topic Presenter
TBA Frequency of Arrest-Related Deaths Darrel Ross, Ph.D.
TBA Unmasking the Truth Behind Video Driven Investigations of Police Grant Fredericks
TBA Medical Examiner Mistakes When They Fail to Follow the Science and Foreseeable Consequences Michael Brave, J.D.
TBA The Impact of Department of Justice Consent Decrees James Brown, J.D.
TBA Consent Decrees: How They Are Monitored and the Impact on You and Your Agency Chief (ret.) Charles Reynolds
TBA CONTROL replaces Fighting Lt. John Domingo
TBA Layman Guide to Drug Abuse and Sudden Death Stephen Karch, M.D.
TBA Psychology and Policing: Commander Scott Snow & Chris Richardson
TBA Implicit Bias Officer Roderick Beasley
TBA Investigative Protocols Stephen Karch, M.D.
TBA Excited Delirium: New Frontier Deborah Mash, Ph.D.
TBA Managing the Less-than-once-in-a-Lifetime Career-ending Event Michael Brave, J.D.
TBA Field Research: Prone Positioning Darrell Ross, Ph.D.
TBA Electronic Control Weapons & Temporal Deaths Darrell Ross, Ph.D.
TBA The Growing Importance of Competency-Based Testing John G. Peters, Jr., Ph.D.

Due to trial schedule changes or other unplanned events, substitute speakers with similar knowledge and experience may need to be substituted.

Tuition and Payments

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